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Our Expertise

Intellectual Property Net is a Community of Practice  that has been established to act as a focal point for practical discussion and support in Managing Intellectual Assets for Value


The core team behind it are  very experienced marketing leaders who have a long track record in using intellectual assets effectively in business, both as senior managers in industry and in professional services.


We like to make decisions and take actions based on solid understanding and hard facts wherever possible.


The Basics


Often we find that clients need a baseline from which to judge their activities in measuring Intellectual Asset activities. they also like to be able to compare themselves to their peers in their industry or those who regard themselves as "Best in Class" 


A good place to start is to ask some basic questions of your own organisation.


Developing your Approach


You can down load a questionnaire from here. You may use it however you wish.


Use it as a prompt,  adapt it to your own circumstances, show it to your colleagues. You may wish to complete it yourself, then get other colleagues to do the same. Compare and contrast your answers.


Intellectual Property Net does not have the "correct" answers, There are only answers that are right for your organisation. We can however help with interpreting the findings, and suggesting what you might do improve your management of your Intellectual Assets.


Self Help
Download the Diagnostics Questionnaire from our Home Page!

Please acknowledge its source when you use it in your organisation!


Cross functional Insights

The questionnaire is designed to give you a sense of how Intellectual assets are managed across your organisation


International Reach

The beauty of using this approach is that you can gather base data from all your international operations... quickly.
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